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Sodalite is a transparent to translucent mineral that consists of a silicate of sodium and aluminum with some chlorine, has a vitreous or greasy luster, and is found in various igneous rocks. Practitioners have used sodalite to organize the mind, as it's said to promote rational thought, objectivity and perception. It is sometimes thought to cleanse lymph nodes and boost the immune system. This Teardrop shaped piece of Sodalite measures 4cm x 2.2cm approx and is suspended from a 20 Inch 925 Silver chain. While not an official birthstone, sodalite has been associated with the month of November. It depends who you ask, however, as Leavy notes that zodiac-wise, it's also associated with Virgo and Libra (which are not November signs).

Sodalite Teardrop Pendant On 925 Silver Chain

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