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Dragon Vein Agate is a very special stone that looks like it’s been taken from a magical and fantastic tale. Laced with dragon-like scales and burning with the light of many colors like orange, green, yellow, and gray, Dragon Vein Agate is truly a mysterious and magical stone. There are just simply a lot of lore and legends that surround this stone.


The most well-known property it is said to possess is that it can help bring out one’s hidden talent and natural gifts. Not only that, but this stone can also provide the self-confidence needed to manifest these talents and gifts. This Purple Dragon Vein Agate ring is embellished with a White Crystal Flower and Silver stems. It measures 3cm in diameter and is suspended from a  delicate 18 Inch 925 Silver chain. 


Agate is a birthstone for September. Lepidolite is the astrological birthstone for Libra, (September 23 to October 22.) Peridot is also the 16th Anniversary Gemstone. Pearl is the birthstone for June, and the gem that commemorates the 3rd wedding anniversary.

Purple Vein Agate Ring With White Crystal Flower On 925 Silver Chain

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