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This beautiful, translucent deep Green stone goes back to the Egyptians. At least 3,000 years ago, they were using agate for seals, rings, and decorating vessels. Agate is named after the Achates River (now called the Dirillo) on the island of Sicily, in the Mediterranean, an ancient source of this gemstone. The art of dyeing it into vibrant colours began with the Romans.


Today, not only does it continue to be popular for art objects and jewellery, industry also "loves" agate because of its hardness and resistance to chemicals.


Zircon is a natural stone. It is a zirconium silicate which appears a a dark Brown, Green or Red colour after extraction and changes colour when heated. Most Blue stones are pastel Blue, but some exceptional gems have a bright Blue colour. Zircon is also available in Green, dark Red, Purple, Yellow, Brown and Orange.


Austrian crystal is handmade using a technique traditionally known for cutting hand-blown glass. Austria leads the world in the production of precision-cut crystals. They are used in fashion and jewellery as well as in architecture lighting and interior designs.


This beautiful handmade bracelet contains the Three Crystals of Green Agate, Zircon and Austrian Crystal. It is threaded with Jewellery elastic and has Gold coloured spacer beads and is finished off with a Gold coloured Heart Bow surrounding a Green Agate bottle charm. This bracelet will fit wrists from 6cm upwards. 

Green Agate, Zircon & Austrian Crystal Bracelet On Jewellery Elastic

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