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The Craft Consortium 12 Days of Christmas Chipboard Ephemera Set is a delightful crafting product that allows you to embellish your projects with charming and festive designs. This set includes 33 chipboard ephemera pieces, each with a self-adhesive peel-away backing, making them easy to apply to your creations. The chipboard pieces feature images inspired by the classic Christmas carol The Twelve Days of Christmas.


The set is designed to capture the essence of the carol, which describes a series of gifts given over twelve days. The chipboard ephemera likely showcases these iconic gifts in a visual and artistic form. The self-adhesive backing simplifies the application process, allowing you to effortlessly attach the chipboard pieces to various surfaces such as cards, scrapbook pages, journals, and more.


Chipboard ephemera are versatile embellishments that add dimension, texture, and visual interest to your projects. They can be layered, stacked, or positioned in different ways to create unique and eye-catching designs. The set's inclusion of 33 pieces ensures that you have a variety of options to work with, allowing you to mix and match the chipboard elements to suit your creative vision.

Craft Consortium - 12 Days Of Christmas Chipboard Ephemera

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