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The crackle bead is made by immersing in cold water while the glass is molten hot. This causes the glass to crack. It is then re-heated, and then either moulded or hand-blown into the desired shape. It is the re-heating of the glass after it is cracked which seals the glass and gives the surface its lovely smooth feel.


This beautiful handmade bracelet has been produced using various colours of 8mm approx Crackle beads. Each bead is separated by a Gold coloured spacer bead. The beads are all threaded on Jewellery elastic making it easy to put on and take off the bracelet. It is finished off with Gold coloured with Pink enamel Flower charm. This bracelet will fit Wrists from 5.5cm approx and upwards.

Crackle Bead Bracelet With Pink Metal Flower On Jewellery Elastic

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