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The broad and detailed hue of Cherry Quartz denotes a profusion of life, vigor, and enthusiasm. You'll sense a spike in your strength, which you'll be magnifying to the world at large. This crystal will excite you and make you feel energized. You'll be itching to get out there and gain more experience.


Austrian crystal is handmade using a technique traditionally known for cutting hand-blown glass. Austria leads the world in the production of precision-cut crystals. They are used in fashion and jewellery as well as in architecture lighting and interior designs.


Baroque pearls are real pearls, which means that they are valuable. However, not all baroque pearls are the same. In general, baroque pearls are less expensive than round pearls, but their value depends significantly on their type.


This beautiful handmade bracelet sees Three beautiful elements put together to produce an amazing piece of Jewellery. There are Cherry Quartz, Austrian Crystal and Baroque Pearl beads threaded on to elasticated jewellery wire. This piece is finished off with a little Crystal encrusted Starfish and the minmum size of Wrist this will fit is 6cm approx. 

Cherry Quartz, Austrian Crystal & Baroque Pearl Bracelet On Jewellery Elastic

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