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Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone sorry not been blogging since September but I have been poorly with my Fibro and also as my immune system isn't brilliant I caught one thing after another.

I managed to get over to my sisters for Christmas Day with my family. I loved every minute seeing my sister and her partner, Christmas dinner was gorgeous as usual Dee is such a great cook.

We exchanged gifts and chatted until the evening but I had to get mum back home and its a long drive from Derbyshire. Eventually got mum back home and we got back to ours and Roxy Roo was so excited to see us. We decided to watch a movie in bed so we could all cuddle up...

After Christmas Day I just couldn't do much and its only been this week that I've started to feel abit little a human being LOL.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a great New Year.!!

Happy Crafting Peeps

Love Laney x

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