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3b840d You're not quite there, but that's what makes it so amusing. ------ j2d2j2d2 I think that he meant the "single" part of a bac and a tumb, not an and. nayuki If you're not familiar with Japanese, the second example he cited is deliberately ambiguous: 炭酸水 () is a "beverage" which is usually about 60% alcohol. The author may have been being clever, or trying to be funny. Degradation of a triple helical DNA molecule by a non-specific nuclease in vitro. Pulsed field gel electrophoresis of a linear DNA molecule under non-denaturing conditions results in a single band if the 3' --> 5' polarity of the gel medium is reversed, indicating that the molecule is a single helix. This is the first observation of the formation of a single helix from a DNA molecule in an in vitro nuclease reaction. This contrasts with observations of the formation of multiple DNA forms in the nuclease reaction of plasmids, where the starting material is a helical DNA. The absence of multiple forms of the starting DNA and the 3' --> 5' polarity in the gel medium suggest that the DNA is undergoing selective degradation by a non-specific nuclease in solution. The degradation is likely to be the 3' --> 5' mode, which occurs more frequently than the 5' --> 3' mode in a variety of nuclease reactions. The degradation is likely to involve a'resealing' reaction, in which a new region of 3' --> 5' polarity is formed in the degraded molecule.Q: Should we allow suggested edits to go through? We don't have any official policy on "suggested edits go through" and I'm curious about what's currently being done. To be honest, I've seen some real brain farts land, but some really nice suggestions from users who are not experienced in editing. I've also seen suggestions which I've found useful (or at least interesting, or amusing, or something). Is it worth allowing users to suggest edits that have been vetted at least by a reviewer? Or is the difference between a bad edit and a good edit simply too minor




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Nissan Consult 2 Software Download talisatu

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