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Flower Rhyolite, also known as Green Flower Jasper, is a combination of Bird’s Eye Rhyolite and Green Jasper that crystallizes in the form of masses. The Rhyolite rosettes crysatlize in pink to dark red hues, and are scattered throughout a Green Jasper matrix. This stone was just recently discovered in Madagascar in the early 2020s. It is commonly found carved into points, spheres, pyramids, and palm stones. Flower jasper is thought to lift spirits and bring joy, nurturing our inner desire for calm with our outer desires. It is believed to shield us from dangerous situations and balance those tendencies with the desire for variety, adventure and new experiences. Thought to be a physically stabilizing stone, it brings well-being, strengthens the immune system, heals wounds and purifies the blood.This Mushroom shaped Flower Green Jasper pendant measures 2cm x 1.5cm approx and is suspended from a delicate 18 Inch 925 Silver chain. 

Green Flower Jasper Mushroom Pendant On 925 Silver Chain

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